5 situations in which to avoid refactoring

As software products evolve and grow, code gets harder to maintain and extend and if you have dealt with turnover in resources, you end up with a range of coding practices and quality. It is common to reach a point when it feels like refactoring will make more sense than trying to develop on top […]

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Speed of iteration prevails

FC Barcelona just wrapped up a 3-1 win over Manchester United to come out on top of the UEFA soccer league. Watching the match brought home the fact that speed, persistence, and teamwork usually prevails over quality, brilliance, and individuality. Barcelona followed a simple tactic. They swarmed around their opponents and got the ball into […]

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When you hear hoofbeats

When you hear hoofbeats, do you assume you will see a horse, a commonly encountered animal, or do you think it might be a zebra, an exotic black and white striped creature that most of us read about but may never see? Don’t worry if you assumed a horse. A pretty common reaction. But if […]

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f-commerce gets off the block

Developers recently welcomed the announcement from Facebook allowing iFrame Tabs for Pages, hoping to overcome the limitations of FBML and the inability to integrate analytics across their web properties. If you have not already noticed, a large number of brands are already advertising their Facebook Page instead of their website. Now, that presence is leveraging […]

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Don’t Treat Agile Like Mini-Waterfalls

Attended a meetup recently where the gentleman seated to my left complained about the futility of following the Agile methodology. Turns out, he was Director of QA at a company in the healthcare space, where he and his team had been struggling with a newly introduced (forced?) Agile process mandated by the CIO. Apparently, the […]

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A/B Testing a Square Peg into a Round Hole

A/B Testing a Square Peg into a Round Hole Ever walked into a shoe store and asked the sales person to help you find a shoe with the exact fitting. Did you get exactly what you were looking for – or did you emerge from the store with shoes that were a bit too tight […]

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Testing times for MySpace

News Corp paid $580 million in 2005 to acquire MySpace, which was then at the forefront of the social networking wave. Rupert Murdoch’s investment looked like it was going to pay off big when in 2006, competitive data firm Hitwise showed MySpace accounting for a staggering 80% share of social networking traffic. Yet despite commanding […]

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